Main activities

The Japan Cosmetic Suppliers Association is Japan’s only trade organization for the sales, marketing and manufacturing of cosmetic ingredients from basic raw materials to various kinds of additives. The Japan Cosmetic Suppliers Association has a membership exceeding 140companies.

Japan Cosmetic Suppliers Association carries out five main activities contributing to the cosmetic industry as follows:

  1. To gather information concerning domestic and foreign cosmetic industries for distribution to industry and association members.
  2. To promote mutual friendship and to facilitate the exchange of information among association members.
  3. To keep association members fully informed of laws and regulations concerning the production of cosmetics, as well as those related to production, distribution and marketing of cosmetic materials, chemical substances / products, and relevant administrative measures.
  4. To develop and maintain close contacts with related government bodies, industry associations and organizations.
  5. To organized of CITE JAPAN(Cosmetic Ingredients & Technology Exhibition) as Federation of Japanese Cosmetic Ingredients Associations(Japan Cosmetic Suppliers Association ・ Kinki Cosmetic Materials Association)

In order to accomplish these objectives, the Association, through Secretariat, has been providing and continues to provide on timely basis diverse information concerning relevant laws and regulations, administrative measures and industry trends both in the domestic and foreign arenas, and other matters of interest.
In addition, the Association holds board meetings and committee meetings when necessary to discuss and solve issues facing our industry; and to respond to requirements of government bodies concerned and coordinate with other industry associations.

The Association holds annual meetings, which also serve as social gatherings, and other meetings. Furthermore, in order to help cultivate mutual friendship and exchanges among members, the Association organizes from time to time social events and lectures to broaden members’ knowledge and horizon.